Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers – Easily, Quickly, Ethically

Twitter continues to grow by leaps and bounds with more than half a billion registered users worldwide. This handy guide covers all the new features from one of the first few marketers to discover Twitter’s immense power. It explains all the nuts and bolts, how good connections can be made, and why and how you and your business can benefit from Twitter without to spend a single dime to buy Twitter verification, real Twitter followers or Twitter likes. Hint: why buy when you can get free Twitter followers.

Twitter has been growing up. It’s now a $30 billion public company, and it means business. Twitter has changed over time, but remains a key tool for business branding and a key place for customer engagement and long-term customer relationship building. This book includes a major update 02/15/19 at the end of Chapter 12 which keeps the information particularly relevant and highly effective in view of significant changes to Twitter’s policy. You can buy the book from Amazon.

In this book you will uncover, authored in plain old, easy-to-understand language:

  • How to get on Twitter if you’re not already there
  • The 5-to-10-minute-a-day program practically guaranteed to grow your Twitter followers. Step-by-step directions and screenshots for even the most trepidatious tweeters
  • The 3 easy keys to interpret any tweet – with lots of screenshots
    Create viral content that spreads your message effortlessly and gains huge numbers of Twitter likes and Twitter followers
  • How to relax (and laugh even!) when you have to deal with horrendous Twitter support
  • How easy it is to get 10,000 + Twitter followers – Easy, Quick, Ethical!
  • How to (Really) Make Money With Twitter
  • The Best and Worst Times to Tweet – The intricacies of when (and how) to make sure your Twitter social media marketing efforts have the biggest bang for your buck to gain Twitter followers and Twitter likes.