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Dolph LeMoult enjoys a varied career as novelist, advertising copywriter, and illustrator. Praised as "Gritty, jagged, and honest," his series of police novels - Street Dance (Charter Putnam 1986), Dream Street (Charter Putnam 1988), Death Spiral (Onyx Penguin 1990), The Killing Moon (Onyx Penguin 1992), and Blood Tide (Onyx Penguin 1994) - attracted a large, loyal readership.

Moving to the non-fiction genre, LeMoult wrote Rock Solid (1994), a true account of two hero policemen who rescued a New York City block from the clutches of a homicidal druglord. A Putnam hardcover and Jove paperback, Rock Solid won the acclaim of critics.

In the Hands of the Enemy, LeMoult's next true-crime effort, is a true account of corruption inside the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. It's currently being adapted as a screenplay by Cinemax Productions.

Messages from Enrique is LeMoult's first original eBook. It's the story of a police reporter in New York City who weaves a web of deceit - and traps himself in its bizarre consequences.

Although known primarily as a crime and true-crime writer, LeMoult's literary pursuits are varied. His historical novel, Hold the Wind, tells the stories of Albert and Lucy Parsons, leaders in the American labor movement struggles in the 1800s. Granada Productions International adapted the book for the screen. He's is currently as work on a non-fiction account of Mormon pioneers in the late 1800s, detailing their harrowing journey as they cross the Rocky Mountains during one of the worst snowstorms in recorded history.

LeMoult teaches writing for the Long Ridge Writers Group (West Redding,CT) and participates in writing seminars and radio and television talk shows. He's a frequent guest lecturer at schools and colleges in the Northeast, speaking about the value and satisfaction of a writing life and encouraging fledgling writers to follow their dreams.

He believes that writing, with all its inherent satisfaction and fulfillment, is above all a form of communication. LeMoult says, "Writing is a way of sharing one's hopes, values, and identity with the largest audience possible. Writing that cannot be easily understood by a broad spectrum of readers is little more than self-indulgence."

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